Happy 10th Teacher’s Day – 2022

Today marks my 10th Teacher’s Day since leaving the corporate world.  Time flies…  

Educating the young and moulding their mind has such a profound impact.  You can only experience this sense of fulfillment when you walk this journey.  I have witnessed so much in this journey, yet just like my students, I am learning every day as well.  From these young minds, I see Inspiration, Resilience, Despair, and above all, I see HOPE.  

On every Teacher’s Day, I receive words of gratitude and gestures of appreciation.  But today, to all who have journeyed with me, let me also express my heartfelt thanks to you.  I draw strength from your faith and I shall continue to strive to do better each day.  

Thank you, Elise
Thank you, Jennifer (Nat’s mom)
Thank you Yi Feng
Thank you, Yue Ling
Thank you, Zhan Yi
Thank you, Aloysius
Thank you, Izaac
Thank you, Li Ping (Caitlyn’s mom)
Thank you, Hazel (Rylan’s and Izaac’s mom)