Useful Study Tips from some of the Top Scholars

Time is an impartial commodity – regardless of who we are – everyone is given 24 hours each day.  

It is a common grouse among teenage students that they have so many things to do, but too little or no time for them. Yet, some have thrived within the constraints of time while others bemoan the lack of it.

Some of the highest achievers – from those heading to world’s best universities to our President scholars have shared valuable study tips.  They are all good pointers.  Adopt them if you want to achieve your academic goals.

  1.  Create a to-do list
  2.  Prioritise tasks according to due dates
  3.  Study consistently (prevents burnout)
  4.  Plan a revision schedule (one to two months ahead of exams)
  5.  Create a list of questions on the topic (based on past-year papers)
  6.  Keep a record of mistakes (creates awareness)
  7.  Remove unnecessary activities such as gaming, watching dramas and so on
  8.  Set time limit on social media use