Email Etiquette

Whenever we send emails, we will address the recipient first and properly sign off after writing.  All of us are aware of this basic etiquette.

Students will email their work to me and most do not forget this right practice (attached samples).

Some however, only do so when tested in exams but do not exercise the right thing in real-life settings.  They simply attach their work and send emails with no greetings and a proper sign-off (attached sample).

To these students, I usually educate them the right habit.  After all, what we learn in school is supposed to be applied in real-life situations, not just to pass the exams.

I remember an S1 student (from a top school) once sent his email to me without sign-off and greetings.  As usual, I did what I should to educate the kid accordingly.  I didn’t have his mobile number (I usually communicated with his mother directly),  so I explained to his mother to convey the message.  

His mother responded, “You mean my son has to wish you well all the time, and wish you a nice day each time he sends an email??”  I am speechless.