Types of Situational Writing

The year-end exams are coming; especially the English O-level Paper 1 begins in October.

There are a total of 6 types of situational writing typically in the exams namely

  1. Speech
  2. Feature Article
  3. Formal Email
  4. Formal Letter
  5. Proposal
  6. Incident Report

Among all, Speech is the easiest as there is no format to remember.  It’s almost like writing another piece of essay.  All students have to know is the structure in organising your speech.

A Feature Article can be a news article or magazine write-up where students become reporters reporting a piece of news or reflecting an experience in a magazine.

In Formal Email or Formal Letter, students typically write to someone in authority.  As such, there must be proper format to follow to reflect the formality of the email or letter.

As the name implies, Proposal is written to propose an idea or event.  Students are usually confused by the format between a proposal and incident report. Beware!

Similarly, an Incident Report is required to report an incident.  As the the format very similar to a proposal, students can be confused.  It ever happened in a SAP school that almost the whole cohort failed Situation Writing for using the incorrect format.  Be careful!

I would like to share with everyone the different types of Situational Writing and the correct format.