A Sincere Message to all my students

Dear Students

It is my pleasure to teach each and every one of you.  As we all know, we only have 24 hours a day.  Each session that I allocate for you is precious to me as well.  I give my full commitment in passing the right knowledge.

Thus, it is only fair that I give my time to students who will also return full commitment towards learning and picking up knowledge from me.  It takes two to tango!  

If you show a sluggish attitude, it is not possible for me to continue my enthusiasm.  This, I believe you would agree.  

Just share some correspondence (attached) with you.  Treasure the opportunity given to you, don’t lose it.

An enquiry to help a GP student
A Sec 1 student whom I had to turn down (voice recording) despite the mother’s persistence
A very sincere plea from a mother of a Pri 6 student
A helpless tone of a mother of another Pri 6 child
A happy parent who can vouch for my dedication
Another referral that I had to turn away