Have you ever failed?

25 April 2018

Came across a very good article in the Sunday Times dated 1 Apr 2018. 

The writer sits on the panel of interviewers in a scholarship interview to look for the right candidate.  All the applicants fitted the typical profile of potential scholars – good schools, stupendous grades and sterling achievements in co-curricular activities.  Everyone seemed to possess unsullied records.  But the writer and the panel of interviewers were less than impressed…  When the applicants were asked if they ever failed, they were stumped. 

The interviewers were looking for that down-to-earth applicant who would share with them his failure and how he confronted and overcame his setbacks.  Indeed, in my blogpost dated 1 Jan 2017, I mentioned “it ain’t how hard you hit.  It’s how hard you can get hit and keep moving till you get there”. 

Certainly, the judges have no doubt scholarship applicants’ potential to continue the string of achievements in life.  But to survive a setback and remain resilient is a question mark.  Barely three years ago in 2015, society witnessed how a straight As student allowed a ‘setback’ to crush her – by jumping to her death.
(read: https://www.allsingaporestuff.com/article/spore-straight-student-commits-suicide-after-getting-b-o-levels)

So for those who wish to apply for scholarships or even that coveted job opening in future, don’t shy away from your failure.  Talk about it and impress the interviewers with your fighting spirit.  After all, success is merely ephemeral that we celebrate, but we learn from failure that makes us wiser.