The million-dollar question – Poly or JC?

19 January 2019

The O level results were released recently.  Now, many students will embark on the next phase of their education journey.  This begs the question generation of school leavers face: “Poly of JC”

JCs place more emphasis on understanding theoretical concepts – a more academic mode of learning.  If this is what you like and if you are also comfortable with language or even good at it, then JC is what you should pursue next.  On the other hand, getting your hands dirty to prove theoretical concepts makes your eyes sparkle, then Poly is where you will shine.

In fact, the education system has revamped so much that it is no longer true that JC is seen as more superior.  Many top students are aware of their career goals and head straight to Polys despite being able get into any JC of their choice.  

Remember, never chase after rewards.  Chase after your passion; success will come.  This cannot be more true.  If I had focused on money to be made from writing a book, I probably and very likely would not be able to even come up with my first book.  It’s passion that drives me to innovate and to offer the best and something new.  That is why I have been able to come up with seven books so far.  The rewards follow.    

Good luck to your endeavours.