2022 O-level results – afterword

The O-level results was released last week.  I am particularly pleased, for two straight years, even the weakest among all my charges delivered a B.  Certainly, I congratulate those who did exceptionally well.  I knew you would deliver, I was never worried.

I would like to share my thoughts about the weakest student instead.  You were always struggling, both in school and in my lessons.  You usual teacher was suddenly transferred out and filled in by a relief teacher.  It didn’t help that the relief teacher only showed videos during lessons, or read excepts from comprehension passages.  In your words “there was no real teaching at all”.

C6 and D7 were your usual grades, you wanted desperately to inch into to the B category.  You set your sight on getting into a JC.  What happened in your school was tearing you further and further away from your dream.  There were times you were so dejected that you began to doubt yourself if you could do it all.  Not to mention the numerous pounding from me, because I believed in you. I wanted to show you, comfort and growth simply do not co-exist.  You cried hard, but soldiered on again the following day.  I admire your resilience.

When you called me last week, you were overwhelmed by joy.  I knew then, it’s all worth it.  YL, you rose to the occasion.  I am proud of you.  You finally did it!