Praising someone will cost you your life – does it make sense at all?

A true story that happened in 1955 in the US about a 14-year-old black boy meeting his tragic end, simply because he was nice to people.

Emmett Till was a bright and outspoken boy.  One fine day in Mississippi where he visited his cousins, he went into a convenient store to buy some candy.  There, he praised the store owner, a white woman for being pretty.

That night, the woman’s husband and some white men came knocking at his uncle’s home.  They dragged the boy out (his uncle was helpless to white supremacy) and took him to a farm where he was brutally tortured (just because he dared to speak so casually to a white person).  When the poor boy’s body was discovered, the extent of his injuries were ineffable.

For those who enjoy movies that depict social problems like racial injustice, this is a good movie to check out.