Teachers can teach wrongly too

Discursive writing requires a balanced view and I have always taught in my lessons to provide 2 points for agreeing and 2 for disagreeing for discursive essays.  This is also the format I have used for both my lower and upper secondary books.

A student recently informed me that her teacher in school had taught her otherwise and she was confused.  Instead of simply telling her that I was right and her teacher was wrong, I asked the rest of the students what they were taught in their schools.  Everyone mentioned the same format as what I had taught.  With that, I got the confused girl to verify with her teacher once more.  And true enough, the teacher had admitted it was her mistake and she apologised to the class.  

A similar thing happened in 2019.  For the phrase – ‘on the bus’ or ‘in the bus’?  A teacher had taught her class that we should use ‘in’ since we are inside the bus.  Only after I had provided an explanation from MOE, that she realised she had misled her charges.  You may click to read the read the details

The moral of this – teachers can be wrong too.  After all, we are also human.