The next milestone in your quest for success – Poly or JC?

The O level results will be released in a week’s time.  Many of you would have decided the next path of your education journey.  Good for you!  For some who are undecided or have a misconception that Polytechnics are for those who “either cannot or barely make it to JC”, allow me to share some inspirational insights.

Some say that JC is better as it’s “easier” to get into the University.  Ask any JC student and he or she will tell you that you have to work your guts out to earn a place in our local university.  In fact, our education system has evolved so much over the years that it is no longer about ease of access to university.

Moreover, there are numerous students who thrive in Poly and have gone on to achieve amazing feats – becoming doctors (read): or being sought after by world-renowned universities such as Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (read).

So, the road that gets you to success is really your INTEREST.  


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