Sheer amount of homework

A student wrote to the press (The Straits Times Forum Page) on 15 March 2021, lamenting that students are overwhelmed by all the homework during the week long school holidays.  A holiday is literally a break, yet it is common for many students to have to go back to school for extra lessons (compulsory for all) almost every day.  

Indeed, I do empathise with our young the sheer amount of work that they have to handle.  Looking from another perspective, students must realise that the more homework teachers give, the more work they are actually giving themselves.  Teachers don’t simply dish out homework based on whims and fancy.  Whatever homework that they give, they have to mark and return to the students.  I am sure it would be so much easier for teachers not to give any homework.  But as an educator, I am well aware that no responsible teacher would do that, if he or she has the student’s interest at heart.

Indeed, the amount of work that students have is significant.  And it’s understandable that they are complaining.  We can’t blame teachers too for doing what they ought to.  It is precisely how rigorous our system is, that has enabled Singapore to progress from a third world country to a first world nation today. Remember – GROWTH AND COMFORT DO NOT COEXIST.