Some insights after the End of Year Exams

I am pleased to share that almost half of all my charges have delivered a distinction for English.  More notably are those who have never scored an A and managed to do so finally.  Remarkably, all my students from a SAP school but one have got an A (the only one who didn’t got a B)

To those who have done well, you deserve credits for your stellar performance.  There’s only this much that I can do; as I always tell parents and students.    

For those yet to achieve that grade you desire, still, give yourself a pat.  You have done your best.  Work on your weaknesses and never keep trying. Joining the ranks of those who have got distinctions is not far off.

Finally, grades do not define us.  It’s merely a feedback of our understanding.  As for me, I will strive to do better and continue to look for innovative ways to impart my skills and knowledge.