A call to regulate the tuition industry

I read a Forum Page article on 12 Aug by a concerned parent calling the authorities to regulate the tuition industry.  The writer mentioned how some tuition agencies require parents to pay six months worth of  fees in advance.  Not only that, parents have to put a few months’ deposit as well.  You may read the whole article https://www.straitstimes.com/forum/forum-tuition-industry-needs-tighter-regulation

Indeed, some establishments resort to unfair means to “lock in” students with 6 months to a year of course fees.  These can actually be tell-tale signs of measures to curb the high attrition rates of students who may have previously signed up with them.  Often times, students register with high hopes that they will become star students like others.  However, when they realise that it is not what they have expected, they cannot back out due to the significant amount of fees already paid – with no refund.    

Locking in students using questionable means can only do this much to retain students’ loyalty.  Staying true to my course has been my guiding principle over a decade.  Parents and students will be able to tell a tutor’s level of commitment with just a few sessions.  

So to all parents and students, when faced with such registrations’ pre-requisites, do ponder and not to make hasty decision.  I once had a student a few years ago who had to give up two months of fees paid to a “branded” establishment and come to me.