Writing Discursive Essays

12 May 2019

Many secondary 2 students have learned writing the Discursive essays.  When the new term starts after the June holidays, they will be exposed to writing the expository and argumentative types.

Some parents have asked me about identifying the different types, more importantly, the structure for each type.  So, I shall share with everyone; beginning with Discursive essay this month.  

Discursive Essay
The purpose of a Discursive essay is to present both sides of an argument relating to a topic.  An example of a Discursive essay – “Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of technology”.  Refer below on the structure of writing the essay:  

Present an overview of the topic.  In this case, present how technology has become an important part of our lives.  After the overview, present a balance view – how technology is good, and how it can also be a problem.

Body Paragraphs
Give two advantages of technology and the two disadvantages of it.  Remember to support each point with a real-life example or statistics.

Students are also encouraged to assign each point and the example to one paragraph.  As such, you can have

Paragraph 2 – Advantage #1 and one example or statistics
Paragraph 3 – Advantage #2 and one example or statistics
Paragraph 4 – Disadvantage #1 and one example or statistics
Paragraph 5 – Disadvantage #2 and one example or statistics

A good conclusion may offer suggestions to the issues discussed.  Students may also present a personal opinion to the topic.