Triple Tragedy…

29 July 2015

(With reference to The Straits Times dated 27 July 2015 – Straight A Student Commits Suicide Over O-level Results, Mum Takes Her Own Life Months Later.)

Is this what we want ultimately? 

We are so obsessed with perfection that we lose more than what we gain.  It’s perfectly fine that we strive for excellence and work towards our dream.  Then again, in our pursuit towards our goal, we must never be blinded by obsession.  As Aristotle Golden Mean Principle aptly points out, everything must be taken in moderation.

In fact, grades are only an indication of your understanding at that point in time.  Not having an ‘A’ does not make you less of a person.  Similarly, what is straight As when you crumble at the slightest test of your resilience – dealing with disappointment.

So remember, so long as you are able to look yourself in the mirror and say, “I have really done my best”, that’s the most important and give yourself a pat.  There are more meaningful things in life waiting for us to explore and discover.