28 May 2015 

(With reference to The Straits Times dated 18 May 2015 – Troubled teen on track to becoming a doctor)

The million-dollar question – Poly or JC?

Some say that JC is better as it’s “easier” to get into the University.  Is it really so?  Asked any JC student and I am sure he or she will tell you that you have to work your guts out to earn that coveted place in the university.

In fact, what makes it really easy for anyone is PASSION.  Do something that you truly enjoy.  If it’s humanities or language you are good at, then JC is what you should pursue next.  But if it’s getting your hands dirty to prove theories that makes your eyes sparkle, then the Poly is where you will shine.

In fact, the differentiation of superiority between JC and Poly has become less defined than before.  It is no longer about which is the easier route to the university gateway.  Rather, the road that gets you there is simply your, INTEREST.

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