No iPads for Steve Jobs’ kids

21 Sep 2014

(With reference to The Straits Times – Boy, 9, Asked Woman If He Could Sleep With Her)

Electronic gadgets; love them or hate them, have become indispensable in our lives.  Even tech geniuses who created these revolutionary products are well aware of the dangers these products can do to children – addiction, pornography, cyber-bullying just to name a few.  I am sure many parents share similar sentiments and gripes.

It’s no wonder the bosses of tech giants such as Steve Jobs limit or even ban the use of electronic gadgets for their kids – no smartphones until the kids are 14 and no data plan until 16.

Well, perhaps parents can take a tip or two from these visionaries on how to better manage the use of tech products for their children.  And for those students out there who may have been spending too much time on such gadgets, why even smart people like Steve Jobs ban the use of iPads and iPhones for beloved little ones?  Think about it…