20 Aug 2013

visual text comprehension

After months of preparation, I am pleased to announce the launch of my second book, “VISUAL TEXT COMPREHENSION” in schools and The Popular bookstores!

I must hasten to add that the material is also the only one of its kind right now in the market.  My brother-in-law who is a graphics designer for print advertisements created the illustrations in the exercises to give it a touch of authenticity.  There is no assessment book of similar capacity to help students in this regard.

The Visual Text Comprehension is a new component in the English exams where students are required to interpret the underlying meanings in posters and print advertisements.  We are constantly clouded with subtle or bold messages telling us what we need or should do in the world of advertising.  How do we interpret the various objectives by looking at orchestrated pictures and texts?  It may seem fairly straightforward but surprisingly, students have been found to encounter difficulties understanding these messages.

This book thus aims to help students visualise the various advertisement strategies so as to better equip them to handle the visual segment in the exams.