My Pride…

08 August 2016.

I am very happy to learn that my books are used by the teachers in Hwa Chong Institution! One of the top schools in Singapore.. The students have been encouraged to purchase them from their bookshop.

The O-Level English Oral book consists of 40 practices covering a wide range of topics that are commonly discussed in the oral exams.   All the pictures in the book were personally taken by me; here in Singapore as well as overseas. 

Another key highlight about the book is that it comes with Assessment Criteria based on MOE’s marking scheme.

非常高兴我以下的两本书被华侨中学纳为参考书!(华侨中学 是新加坡的名校)老师们都鼓励学生们购买。

这本英语口语书共有四十多类的标题。都是普遍在O水准口语考试所会讨论的题目。书里的每一张照片都是本人在本地和外国所拍下来的。 希望以最真实的画面呈现给学生。


The Upper Secondary – Visual Text Comprehension book is also another unique book.

All the posters and advertisements found in the book are real advertisements and posters that appear in newspapers and magazines. However due to copyright issues, I am not able to reproduce them in its original form.  Hence with the help of my wife, she re-created all the graphics in the posters and advertisements.  The words were re-phrased by me while retaining as much the authenticity of the articles. This enable students to understand the underlying messages in real posters and advertisements.


所用的图片都是在报账或杂志所能看到的真实广告!但因为版权问题,我不能使用原版的图片。感谢我的太太帮我把图片改版。而我也把宣传语以另一个方式改写,但还是保存了原有广告的含义。 这样学生们可以真正的学到真实广告背后的含义。

It is truly very encouraging that a top school appreciates the effort put in to write both books.  Such recognition keeps me motivated in continuing to come up with good material to benefit our young minds!