PSLE Results – Afterthought

December 2012 

The PSLE results have finally been released.

Congratulations to those who have done well and at the same time, to those who have yet to shine, fret not!  Every situation can present itself as an obstacle or an opportunity; depending on the vision of the beholder…  Most importantly, never stop believing in yourself.

A boy once took his PSLE and was greatly anticipated to earn himself a place in one of the top schools.  Not only did he fail to secure a place in the coveted schools, he was unceremoniously posted to one of the neighbourhood schools.  Yet, he did not stop believing he could soar to greater heights.  As he was one of the better students in the school he was posted to, he excelled in his own right; both in studies as well as in sports.  He became a Head Prefect and a Basketball team Captain.  He was always eager to help his straggling peers and was well-liked by friends and teachers alike.  He thrived in the environment; something which probably might not happen had he gone to a top school.  He eventually fared handsomely at the GCE O-levels with straight As in all his subjects. He got into a top junior college and later aced his GCE A levels; winning a scholarship for his university studies.  The rest is history… The boy is none other than my beloved brother.

Many years ago, I learnt a very interesting and empowering equation in Patterns of Excellence; that is E+R=O.  Event + Response = Outcome.  In any given situation, the outcome will most likely be in tandem with how you respond to an event.  My brother was not crushed when faced with a disappointing result initially.  Instead, he embraced it positively and believed that he could still make a difference.

Before I conclude, I would like to leave you with a famous quote from Forrest Gump

Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

Never stop believing, really…

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