Intelligence and Wisdom

1 June 2018

Have you ever wondered the difference between Intelligence and Wisdom?  The dictionary would explain that Intelligence is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills; whereas Wisdom is the ability to think sensibly.

Indeed, Intelligence is about one’s intellectual capability and Wisdom is knowing what is right from wrong.  Not everyone possesses both Intelligence and Wisdom, and if one does, it is a blessing indeed.  So then, which is more important?  Intelligence or wisdom?

Currently, a doctor stands trial of molesting and raping his patients (  And in 2014, a Global Head of an international bank was found guilty of taking upskirt videos (  Certainly, these well-learned individuals are no less intelligent to become doctors or high-level executives of multi-national corporations.  However, because of their lack of wisdom, they have got themselves into trouble and lost everything that they have worked hard to establish.  If found guilty, the doctor may lose his license and be sent to jail.  The bank executive was fired from his job and fined.

The moral of this article; Intelligence may help you get very far in life.  But the lack of Wisdom will make you lose everything.  So if you have to choose between Intelligence and Wisdom, I am sure you know what to choose.