01 January 2017

happy 2017

I feel very blessed 2016 had been a wonderful year for me.  I sincerely express my gratitude and deep appreciation for all my students (past and present), parents and stakeholders who have made all the wonderful things possible.

We are seeing turbulent times ahead and for some of us, our resilience may be put to the test.  Whatever it may be, always remember to count our blessings and never be defeated.  I would like to share a favourite quote from the famous boxing show ‘Rocky’.  “Success ain’t how hard you hit.  It’s how hard you can get hit and keep moving till you get there”. 

Indeed, it is not how good or much you can achieve, but how hard you can fall and stand up, and move forward when life hits you hard.  Fall again, stand up, and trudge on till you get to your dreams when life continues to rain punches at you.  That’s what a REAL WINNER is!  Not easily crushed or defeated.

Happy New Year and wishing everyone good health!