English O-level Oral Exam

12 August 2019

The English O-level oral exams starts from from tomorrow until the next two weeks.  I always tell students that the oral exam is the easiest to score.  

For Reading, just be mindful of words that appear before vowels.  Pause whenever there is a comma and full stop.  Do NOT rush through your reading.  Finally, there are commonly mispronounced words that you may counter.  I would like to share some of these words.

For Spoken Interaction, when presented with a visual stimulus (picture), link it to a theme.  The O-level oral is based on a thematic approach.  For example, if you see a picture of children playing at a playground, the discussion would most likely be centred on childhood, play, outdoor fun etc.  Examiners are NOT there to assess how intelligent your ANSWERS are.  Rather, what is important is how relaxed and confident you are.  Are you able to hold a conversation relating to the topic?  Remember, it’s best to share your personal experiences as it helps to keep the conversation going and it’s uniquely yours!  When you are sharing, don’t forget your grammar!

For those who would like to have more practice and tips on tackling the exams, you may grab a copy of my O-Level English Oral book from The Popular bookstores.  The book also includes the official assessment criteria by the Exams Board.  Good luck!


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